The Name 'Humdingers'

How can one word 'Humdingers' hold so much stories and significance? 

The Game: The word 'Humdingers' suggests a common game played around the world! Working as a team, one has to hum the tune while the rest guess the name of the tune, before time runs out!

A Fast Aircraft: The word 'Humdingers' was originally used by the Americans. In mid-1940s, American airmen described a fast aircraft or vehicle with smooth-running engine as a 'Humdinger'. This was derived from the terms, hum(speed) and dinger (something forceful). 

Famous Racehorse: Did you know that 'Humdinger' is the name of a famous racehorse in Singapore? The 7 year old was trained at Singapore Turf Club to compete. The process of naming a racehorse is strict and specific with certain rules to abide, which includes picking a name with clear artistic value.

Something Extraordinary: The word 'Humdinger' is currently used to describe any person, thing, action or statement of remarkable excellence. If there is something super extraordinary and you are not able to find a word to best describe how you are feeling, refer to it as HUMDINGER!